Please email for an invoice for the following items as shipping charges may apply.

Price List

Prices are in Canadian dollars.  No taxes will be added due to small business size. For items that do not have a Paypal button, I will send you an estimate which includes shipping charges, if applicable.  If you wish to proceed with the purchase, you can pay with PayPal or a credit card. 

All work is fully guaranteed.

Misc Products

​Gift Tags, printed on Somerset Velvet (100% cotton) watercolour paper.  Double sided with a custom pattern on the back.  Comes with eyelet and string.  $.50 ea  or pkg of 4 for $1.50

Custom tags at bulk prices for gift bags etc are also available.

Gift Ideas:  Ask about gift ideas using your painting.  You can order from online sources uploading your painting just like a photo.  I can facilitate more complicated orders and advise you of current promotions.


Photo Enhancement without Painting    ​


Individual Cards printed on canvas paper.  $4.50

Each card has a matching envelope liner. 

Use your own design or view the Pixel Pixie Cards,
including a selection of Steveston Cards. 

Card numbers appear at the bottom of the screen.

Box of 10 cards   $35

Photo Painting

Solution Graphics



Photo Painting, labour and full resolution emailed jpg copy.   Does not include prints.  Select media options below or use this document just like a photo to order photo gifts.

Text Document, such as invitation, advertisement, poster, etc.,

utilizing clipart.  Includes labour and full resolution emailed jpg

document.  Does not include prints.                                         

Laminated Products

Items are laminated with soft leather-like laminates

Plaques, 8 x 8", black sides  $12

Limited other sizes and shapes available.

Magnetic Bookmark. is double-sided and is lined with a leather look interior with two slim magnets.  The bookmark is folded over the page and stays in place.  $3

Shipping fees will be the actual cost of your choice of shipping plus a small handling fee to cover the cost of packing materials.

Solution Graphics

Email your photo to info@photopainting.ca.  If you wish, you can email prior to payment for a free assessment of the suitability of your photo for your intended project. 


Digital Art from Photos                                                                                                                                      Surrey BC Canada


Fine art prints on Somerset Velvet (100% cotton watercolour paper)

5 x 7"  $7

8 x 10"  $12

8.5 x 11”  $13

9 x 12"  $15

11 x 14"  $17

11 x 17"  $20

16 x 20"  $28

Canvas, gallery wrapped. Many size configurations are available although the largest size is I can print is 14 x 20".  For larger sizes please take your electronic image to a printer of your choice.

Embellished (brush strokes with clear acrylic) add $10

8 x 10"  $35

9 x 12"  $40

10 x 15"  $45

14 x 20"  $60

Canvas on cradled wooden panels either plain or painted sides.

6 x 6"  $12

6 x 8"   $14

8 x 8"  $19

8 x 10"  $26

9 x 12"  $28

12 x 12"  $31

11 x 14"  $33

12 X 18"  $53

12 x 24"  $56

16 x 20"  $68

Canvas can also be affixed to foam core or wood to fit existing frames.

up to 8 x 10"  $21

up to 9 x 12"  $23

up to 10 x 15"  $26

up to 11 x 16"  $30

up to 15 x 20" $45

Resin Products

Products are coated with ArtResin, which covers them with an equivalent of 50 coats of regular resin. If you are interested in learning how to create resin products, please click on the links for more information, and a tutorial showing my process.

Resin coated print is backed with a stand for 
placing on a flat surface, 7 x 9"   $12

​Cradled wooden panels 8 x10"  $16​

Sides are stained painted black.  These are designed for hanging on the wall.

Fridge Magnets, approximately 2.5 x 3.5"   $3

Boxes, wooden with resin tops, from $12 to $30

Many sizes and shapes are available including tea boxes.

Pencil holders, wooden with resin sides $12.50.

Utensil holders, wood or metal with resin sides $15 - $25.

Coasters $4.50

Sold individually.  Stone base with resin tops and cork bottom.