How to Make Patterns using Corel Paint Shop Pro

I use patterns to create custom envelope liners and packaging for paintings.  These patterns are great as they reflect the style and colours of your image.  The patterns in fact are made from pieces of your image repeated in different ways.

Open your image in Corel Paint Shop Pro by hitting File, Open and find your file.

Choose Effects, Reflection Effects, Pattern

Hit the dice until you get a pattern that you like. Hit okay.  Go to File, Save as, and add patt 1 or something to change the filename so that you don’t lose your original.  Change the file type to jpg if you want to keep it as a photo, if it doesn’t default to jpg.

I like to repeat this process a number of times for my card envelope inserts.  Once I have some patterns I like I select one and usually use another one to create a bar along the top.  In this Corel program, or in Photoshop, segments of the patterns can be resized and combined.  In the example below, the top bar is the same image resized.  I have then used the same image for the package label.

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